Slacker much?

Yes, I'm ashamed.
I haven't blogged in...forever. It's true. Life has just
been NUTSO the past month! Lemme just tell ya...

For starters: I finished the 5K!!
Oh, yes I did!!

Mom and I are numbers six and seven.
Not only did I finish, but I finished in under an hour!
I was rather proud of myself.

I must admit, I've been slacking ever since
then. The past few weeks it's been raining
like crazy here, so I've had ZERO motivation
to go out and walk in the mornings. And now,
it's so hot and humid all I want to do is sit inside!!

But just posting these pictures gives me some serious
motivation to get back out there.

I haven't lost THIRTY pounds to quit now!

So what has been preoccupying my time?!
Well, my momma turned 50 this week!
And last weekend we threw a hugeomongous
super surprise birthday party JUST for her!

So, I haven't been able to blog a single THING about it,
because she reads this little ol' blog, and I couldn't
very well be giving the secret away!

The idea for the decor came from MUCH investigating
thanks to my fabulous friend Sherry.

The vases are filled with yellow tulle, and
wrapped with damask scrapbook paper. If you can see
the columns in this picture; we wrapped plain old
white columns with wrapping paper to match
the theme of the party.

The butterfly confetti was made using a die cut
provided by none other than Sherry. =)

Once again, she had the briliant idea to fancy
up some chip board letters from Hobby Lobby with
damask scrapbook paper. Mom LOVED them.

I used different prints of scrapbook paper,
cut into pendant shape and hot glued to ribbon to
create a banner. We also painted mini clothespins
with black craft paint, and used them to secure
old photos of Mom. It turned out perfect!

I have to give a HUGE shout-out to my bestie
Sherry for helping out with the decor. Without
her, I would be LOST! She's the best. Wait....
without her, I wouldn't have even had a theme!!

She's super creative, and helped me out so, so
much with coming up with decorations and
making it all look pretty!!

You should seriously check her out HERE!

**These sugar cookies are Jennifer approved**

The AH-MAZING food was prepared by none
other than my fabulous friend Dustin. He's pretty
much a genius when it comes to anything sweet. And he
has an amazing creative eye when it comes to
food preparation and, well, anything food related. :)
Check out his hilarious food ramblings HERE!

And I have to give a BIG BIG thank you to
Mr. Paul Turley, Sherry's other half.
He provided the amazing photography!
(I know...I only keep the best of friends.)
Check Paul out HERE!

We had a wonderful party, and I was SO happy
to be able to fly my sister here from New York
as a special surprise for Mom.

Happy Summer Bloggers! Hopefully I can be more
vigilant over the next few months. =)

-Jenn (With 2 N's)
P.S. New Word of the Day!


  1. i just found your lovely blog (thru cut+paste!) and YOU GO GIRL! i did my first 5k after a 10lb weight loss last year - i know what a huge accomplishment it is, so congrats! i love your blog and happy to be a new follower!! :)


  2. Ok, so a very HaPpY (albeit belated) BiRtHdAY to the ever lovely Linda, the Golden Girl! And didn't everyone look spiffy in their yellow, black and white? What a love you have as the daughter of a gem (a pair of them, actually). You truly rose and proclaimed your mother blessed. Slacker? More like slather-er. I'm so proud of you, sweetie!