Super Secret Surprises

What could it be?!

Project 1:

Project 2:

Summertime provides a plethora
of birthdays in my family, as well as
with my friends. And I'm in a
handmade kinda mood!

So stay tuned to find out what the
super secret surprises turn
out to be! I hope they end up
being as fabulous as the people
who will be receiving them!

I hope all you bloggers are enjoying
a sensational, sunny summer!
I know I definitely am enjoying mine!

-Jenn (With 2 N's)

P.S. Check back next Wednesday
for the start of "Wishlist Wednesday's"
and a brand new Word of the Day!

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  1. Yep, the Music machine! I didn't think anyone would recognize that so I didn't post that part. But you knew it! Wow! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! If you think of it, you've got to add your button to my blog button list. It's so cute! It's the last tab under my blog banner. I'm using this list for picking buttons to go in my Monday's Buttons feature post.

    Have a great day Jenn (with two Ns)