Goin to the Chapel...

A few weekends ago two very cool
people, whom I love dearly, got hitched!

They took a trip to Cozumel for their honeymoon,
so I thought I would throw together a
bag of things for them to take with them.

Bags and baskets are my favorite gifts to give.
They are versatile, and I like having options. :)
And you can put together a nice bag
or basket relatively inexpensively!

Beach Bag Contents:
Brown Beach Tote
Hobby Lobby - $5

Bride & Groom Flip Flops
50% off @ Hobby Lobby - $5

2 Beach Towels
WalMart - $18

Beach Ball
75% off @ WalMart - 25¢

Disposable Underwater Camera
WalMart - $8

Hawaiian Tropics Suntan Lotion
WalMart - $3
Total: $39.25

Melanie & Nyles!