RealSimple.com is one of the coolest websites I've come across lately. They have tons of ideas in any type of category you can imagine!

From how-to videos to recipes to party planning ideas, RealSimple is your one-stop shop for ideas of all kinds.

One of my favorite articles they did was about repurposing things around your home into new, fresh ideas.

Check out some of my favs:

Re-purpose a towel rack to hold your cleaning essentials. It would work perfectly in any laundry room!

Use paint chip strips to create your very own, unique name cards for any dinner party.
(I LOVE the thought of this idea for a housewarming party!)

Perfect for summer parties: Use a collander over a bucket to hold your ice. The excess moisture will drain out!

Use an empty tissue box to hold your plastic bags. This would be especially cute if you used any of the new, funky designs that seem to be everywhere these days!

Hope everyone in bloggy land is having a fantastic summer!

-Jenn (With 2N's)


  1. Those are all great ideas! You could even cover the tissue box in scrapbook paper!