Relaxed & Ready to Roll

We're back from vacation, and I'm ready to get back to blogging! We had a wonderful time in Branson, and my body is definitely having a hard time adjusting back to "work time" and not "vacation time."

We ate tons of delicious food.

Did some very productive shopping. (My first Coach purchase!!!)

Visited the Branson Auto Museum.

(Which was totally worth the $12 admission.)

Caught a few shows. Namely the one with the hunky brothers, who tap dance/clog and get my heart to thumping. ;-)

Made a midnight Taco Bell run. Cuz' you can get away with that kind of thing on vacation.

And just had a wonderful relaxing time!

But now it's back to business. This weekend I got my craft table completely cleaned off and set up! *happy dance* So I should have some awesome stuff to show you soon. And hopefully a few tutorials to share. I've been pinning away over at Pinterest.com and can't wait to tackle some of the crafts I've seen!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday, after having Monday off!!

-Jenn (With 2 N's)

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