True Love Waits: Deux

This family is just full of love. Seriously.

We knew it was coming, but sister didn't! Her guy surprised her this weekend and proposed at the top of the castle in Central Park where they had their first date. I'm beyond ecstatic for them both.

He becomes the property of the US Army on November the 10th, so they've been ring shopping and future planning for awhile. We were just sure he wasn't going to be able to surprise her. He ordered the ring from out of state last week, and somehow got it by the weekend. She didn't even think he had it yet, so she was thoroughly surprised.

She's a green kinda gal, and his birthstone is Peridot, so the stone was perfect for her. Her favorite color and a reminder of her guy.

I'm so thrilled I could just scream! Next to finding my own prince, this is one of the happiest moments for me. I love her with my entire being, and she's waited a long time for this. Her guy is a true, genuine man of God, and wants nothing more than to spend the rest of his life loving her and providing for her. He also loves his country, and I couldn't be prouder than to have my future brother-in-law serving in the military.

I can't wait for them to have a bunch of Army brats running around! ;-)

-Jenn (With 2 N's)

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  1. I found it! I found it! I found the post! LOVE it and so happy for for them! I hope your parents love this guy, too!