It's In The Bag

What happens when you get off work at 10:30 p.m. and you aren't tired and your purse is a mess?
This happens!!

I've been carrying a big "suitcase" around with me lately, and it was getting ridiculous. I wasn't even sure what was living down in the depths of that thing. It's been causing my back to hurt when I walk around and go shopping, so I knew I needed to consolidate and use a smaller bag.

So, I dumped everything out last night to survey the damage. (I'm pretty sure I could win that crazy 'What's In Your Purse' game.)

#1 - I love gum. With my whole heart. And I've missed real gum since I've had braces. So when I discovered this sugar free Juicy Fruit, my heart was happy!

#2 - With all the junk that's been going around lately, mints and cough drops have been hanging out in the bottom of my bag for awhile.

#3 - The braces are ruling my life, man! These are bags of rubberbands I have to wear on a daily basis. I just had to laugh when I realized one of them had come OPEN in my bag and a million little rubberbands had spilled out in my purse.

#4 - Kleenex. Nuff said.

#5 - This isn't even half of my chapstick collection. Carmex is a must during the winter, and I love Softlips.

#6 - Pens and nail files. I hoard them. It's weird. There are more that you can't see. It's a disease I think.

#7 - Tic-Tacs. A must have. And they must be the white kind. Best kind ever!

#8 - One of my favorite treasures. This little coin purse belonged to my great-aunt. I was very young when she died, but I remember getting this from her. I've kept it in my purse for a long time. At the present moment it's being used to hold my business cards. It's the perfect size!

#9 - This is my baby key ring. It used to be gigantic. It was getting ridiculous so I downsized. I miss my big one. :(

#10 - Emergency bobby pin case. It's a life saver!

#11 - At any given point there will be 2 or 3 pairs of wadded up headphones in my purse. I'm not sure how they end up there.

#12 - Ever since I switched from glasses to contacts, I've LOVED being able to wear sunglasses. It's what I always missed about wearing glasses. These are my go-to pair. $5 from Cato!

#13 - I also hoard notepads. This one doesn't even have a functioning pen. And yet it stays in my purse. Do not ask me why.

#14 - Love my hot pink wallet! It was a cheapy, but it's lasted for forever.

#15 - My planner/journal/calendar/catch all. With a pen attached. I told you I hoard them!

#16 - An old ticket stub from the Friends concert with my bestie. :)

#17 - My cosmetic bag. You do not even want to see the inside of that thing. More chapstick, lotions, old perfume bottles...it's sad.

#18 - I seriously need to invest in a travel size lotion bottle. This thing is getting ridiculous to lug around. I'm pretty sure by itself it weighs 5.37 pounds.

#19 - My favorite head warmer thingy majig. The weather has been so retarded in Oklahoma lately, I've been keeping it with me in case the wind is unbearable. A) It's pink. B) It keeps my ears nice and toasty.

#20 - Emergency clip. You never know when you'll need one!

Alas, it's all lovely and organized. Albeit cram packed, but organized! Now let's see how long this lasts. :)

-Jenn (With 2 N's)

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