Craft Madness

Monday night I had enough. The craft area in my room was the pits. Literally. Just imagine 10+ canvas bags, plastic bags, various sized bags filled to overflowing with t-shirt scraps, material, ribbons, headbands...it was a nightmare. I was HAVING nightmares!

Spools of ribbon lined my tables and dresser.

Scraps of tshirt yarn and fabric laid strewn about. Forgotten by their mistress.

Headbands and hair pretties laid in wait...hoping to be purchased by someone special.

It was tragic, folks. Very, very tragic.

I have done ZERO crafting since before Christmas. And my hands are itching to get some things made!
So, I straightened and organized. Color coded and filed away.

Think I have enough headbands???

I picked up, reassembled and nearly got my craft area back to working order. And now, I have room to create my next project!

Any ideas?? I promise to have the tutorial and finished craft up next week! Yay for crafting!

And yay for clean areas to craft in! :)

Happy Friday friends. Go out and celebrate the day.

-Jenn (With 2 N's)


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  2. Yikes, I totally botched that last comment, so it had to be removed! :)

    Anyway, can I hire you??? What is your hourly rate? Hehe! :)