Handmade Housewarming: Embellished Picture Frame

One of my dear friends is a soon-to-be bride, and new home owner! I'm beyond excited for this chapter of her life to start. She is well deserving of the happiness her sweet man has brought her.

This past weekend I visited their new home for a housewarming party. I wanted to take something special and something to match the colors she had sent me of her living room.

I just so happened to have a spare frame I got 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby months ago, and decided on a fun, embellished picture frame. I picked out some coordinating ribbon, tulle, flowers and anything else I thought I'd use and got to work!

I started by laying aside the piece of glass and detaching the frame from the cardboard backing. I then started tying short pieces of ribbon in a semi-random fashion to the side of the frame.

Through trial and error I found the best combination and mixture of colors and thicknesses. If you notice, I even threw some rickrack in with the ribbons. I really like the pale pink tule mixed in with the other heartier ribbons. Because I took the cardboard back off, it's easy to tie the ribbons right around the frame. When I was sure I had them where they looked best, I burned the ends of the grosgrain ribbon and rickrack so they wouldn't fray.

To make life easier for re-gluing the backing, make sure the ribbons lay completely flat against the back of the frame, without any bulges or twists. Just tie them once so you can slide them up and down in case you want to add more ribbons.

As much as I try to be a neat crafter, it never really works out.

I tried a combination of ribbons at the bottom to use as a border, but wasn't fond of this wide cream ribbon. I thought it hid too much of the black frame and seemed unbalanced with the top of the frame.

I ended up using a smaller cream ribbon on the bottom topped with some fun felt ribbon I had, and a fun flower at the side. I used some silk flowers I had on hand, separated them from their stems, and mixed the colors together. I didn't have any large blue petals, so the top layer of blue is actually two smaller flowers strategically glued together. And you can't even tell! The black center is one of my favorite buttons (I have tons of this kind) because they look so similar to the middle of a real flower!

When you're ready to glue the backing on, just make sure you have plenty of hot glue on the ribbons. Press firmly to make sure the cardboard adheres nicely.

I was extremely pleased with how the simple embellishments turned out. This is such a fun and easy way to make a personalized gift that reflects the recipients personality. If you use scraps you have around the house, it's an inexpensive gift with plenty of heart.

I can't wait to see it filled with a photo!

-Jenn (With 2 N's)

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