It's Pinky...Pinky and the Brain (brain, brain, brain)

Thursday's Things to Look At:
Pleasantly Pink

Anyone that knows me - truly knows me - knows that I adore pink. It is the most beautiful color to me. I love how vibrant it can be (hot pink) or how subtle (salmon) or how perfect! It's just the best color ever.

This makes me want to go get all my old Barbie stuff out.

This is strawberry fool. I discovered it a few weeks ago. It sounds so easy to make, and there are multiple recipes I've found online. I can't wait to try it!

This is THE ring. I want it someday. Really bad.

Totally want to buy this painting when I have my own apartment. I think it would look fab as a huge canvas, turned 90 degrees clockwise, hanging behind a couch.

Absolutely LOVE this headband. I so want to buy it.

My all time favorite Coach purse. You can buy it for me if you want. =)

(Click pictures for sources)

Also, as you probably have already noticed, I added a new fun thing to the side of the page. Yay for being a Werd Nerd! (Ask and I'll explain.) Every time I post a blog, I'll post a new word of the day. They will be words out of my personal lexicon, which is filled with tons of cool words, which happen to be my favorites.

Happy Almost Weekend!!!

-Jenn (With 2 N's)

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