Wait for it...

As scary as this is for me, I have to do it. What is so scary, you ask? Well, you shall soon find out. The big reveal will be tonight or tomorrow, and believe me, it scares me silly to think about blogging it. BUT, I am the type of person that works best when I have accountability, so, with that, here is a teaser. To keep you on the EDGE of your seats. =)

And I PROMISE a new word of the day with the next blog. I PROMISE!

-Jenn (With 2 N's)

P.S. Random Thought of the Day: Somehow the combination of my coconut body wash, honey hand soap, and Aussie hair products have made me smell like tanning lotion. It's wonderful. I smell like a beach! It makes me want to be out in the sun really bad.


  1. Hmm...you've got me stumped. Although, that looks like a scale at a grocery store so I'm gonna guess you've done really good on your diet?

  2. I'm not an ounce stumped. *wink* But I'm a ton proud, and I'm behind you, 100%.

    A former Weight Watcher leader