This *pie* is Bananas: B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

It was a banana cream kind of Mother's Day this
weekend at the Short household. My Dad found a
yummy banana cream pie recipe made with
Sugar Free, Fat Free Banana Cream Jell-O!

And friends, it's delicious. (If I do say so myself.)

So let's get started.

Yummy Stuff You Will Need:
(I was making two pies, so my batch was doubled.)

- 2 Large Bananas
- 2 Small Boxes Sugar Free, Fat Free
Banana Cream Jell-O Instant Pudding
- 1 Keebler Ready Crust Graham 2 Extra Servings
- 1 Can Light Cool Whip (Or 1/2 Tub)
- 3 1/2 Cups Skim Milk

How To Make It Taste Yummy:

Step 1:
Slice the bananas, and layer the bottom
and sides of the pie crust. The thicker you cut them
(obviously) the less slices you have, but I found
that the thicker the slices were the better it was.

Step 2:
Whisk together the two boxes of Jell-O
with the 3 1/2 cups milk for 2 - 3 minutes.
The consistency should be pretty thick, and slightly
hard to whisk when it's ready.

*NOTE*Be sure to line the pan with the bananas
BEFORE you mix the pudding together. The longer
the mixture sits in the bowl the thicker it
gets and it's harder to pour into the crust.

Step 3:Pour the mixture of yummy goodness into
the pie crust. It will be kind of lumpy,
but that's okay. No one is perfect. =)

Let it sit in the fridge for 45 minutes - 1 hour.

Step 4:Top it with the Cool Whip and enjoy!

The first time we made this delectable pie, we used
regular Cool Whip in the tub. This weekend
when I made it I was trying to go easy, so
I picked up the can of Cool Whip.
Let me discourage you from picking up that can.
For one, it's more expensive, and for another
if you aren't prepared to eat the entire pie
in one sitting, it gets kind of watery after sitting
for awhile. The tub Cool Whip is way better
(in my humble opinion). And also, it looks prettier
when you use the tub. Especially if your squirting
abilities are as horrible as mine. ;-P

When plugged into the handy-dandy
Weight Watcher's Recipe Builder, it is
6 points for 1/8th of the pie.

It's really good, so I'm willing to use 6 points
for a piece of this yummy pie.

Also, this just happens to be the pie crust
my father bought from the store. Next time I make
it, I will use low-fat Nilla Wafers and
make my own crust, which will definitely
cut down on calories and ultimately points!

Happy Monday Bloggers!

-Jenn (With 2 N's)


  1. YUMMY!!! My mother-in-law makes banana pudding with pudding, bananas, Cool Whip-- just about everything you have here. Think of the saved points if you skip the crust and fill pretty little dishes. You could crush the lighter graham crackers or vanilla wafers and garnish the top of the dessert with a sprinkle. But I could EAT the picture of your pie! Delish!

  2. Ohh good idea!! Lots of point savage without the crust. Cuz that thing had A LOT of points in it.

  3. OMG...It's like a Pioneer Woman in the making!!! You go girl! :)