iPhones = Luuuuuuv

So, a friend of mine recently introduced me to two of the coolest apps available on the iPhone. I love taking pictures with my phone, and these apps are AAAHHHMAZING!!!

Camerabag and Hipstamatic are the aforementioned apps. If you don't have them, GET THEM. They are so stinking cool. Aside from editing photos yourself in PS, these apps are very powerful and very cool.

Camerabag has a set of different affects you can put on pictures. There are 12 in all, and I absolutely love all of them but one. It's totally worth the $1.99 I spent.

Hipstamatic is like having an old camera on your iPhone. It's also $1.99, but I've purchased a few upgrades to my Hip camera, but I'm still under $5! When you open the app it looks like an old camera, and you have the option of changing the type of film you use, the type of lens, as well as the type of flash. It's built in with 2 flash settings, 3 types of lenses and 3 types of film. I could seriously spend all day with this app, and become rather vain too. ;-)

Check out a couple pics I took this weekend.
And yes, these were taken with my trusty iPhone!!

It's been rather rainy and overcast here in T-Town, so while my friend and I were downtown Friday afternoon, I managed to snap this picture, through my windshield no less, and I put it into Camerabag, using the Magazine setting.

I got to spend my Saturday bachin' it with my Daddy-O. We went shopping and stopped to eat some chinese for lunch. Mom isn't much of a chinese fan, so we get it whenever we can. =) This was my fortune, which is definitely one of the ones I will be keeping!

After we got back in the car I laid the fortune on my lap and snapped this picture. I used the Helga effect on this one.

Lastly, just a little something I snapped using Hipstamatic. This was taken using the Kaimel Mark II lens, Blanko film and the Dreampop flash.

Happy Weekend Bloggers!
-Jenn (With 2 N's)

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  1. I feel discombobulated since learning only now, this 16th day of May, about these aDORable photography apps. I'm so getting these! I guess I'll find out what you mean by "film." At your age, do you?! *wink* What happens when you save these on your computeski?

  2. Hehe. Thanks!! I'm trying!

    I sent mine by email and they did just like any other picture would! Also, I have a Mac, so when I plug my phone into my computer it syncs with my iPhoto, so they show up in my list of photos just like anything else!

    Hipstamatic takes a little navigating to get used to how it works, but I'm sure if you go to the website it would have tutorials or what not.

  3. Hey, toots, I'm having a blast with C'bag and H'matic! Thanks for dat, as Filipinos say!

  4. You're welcome!! I love them both!