A Season of Warriors

Don't let anyone fool you...
having big feet is no
walk in the park.

I have been searching for months
for some cute black sandals
to wear to work. My workplace
is very casual, but sometimes it
helps to dress nice. It just makes
you feel good about yourself.
And I am sick to death of wearing
flip-flops to work every day!

Don't get me wrong...
I looooooove flip-flops.
No....really. I love them.
I have more flip-flops in my closet
than actual shoes. It's kind of sad.
But I just need something a
tad more professional for work.

So why is it that it's like
pulling teeth to find a decent
pair of black sandals?!

My choices are somewhat limited
because I have gigantor feet.
That comes from running around barefoot
everywhere I was when I was a kid.

Sooo...it wasn't just when I was a kid.


I guess it's the Oklahoma Hillbilly in
me that's coming out. I do love being
barefoot. And ever since I was a
little kid (seriously), I've had my shoes
off at every possible chance.

When I went to church, as
SOON as we got there my shoes came
off and went under the pews. We
went through tons of tights and socks.
I'm sure Tide and Clorox loved
me for single handedly
keeping them in business.

But...back to the subject at hand.

This season's shoe selection is
very, very, very, very disappointing.

It's ironic actually, that I
simultaneously love being barefoot,
and yet have a fierce love of shoes.

Nevertheless, here is the
selection I have to choose from.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

Exhibit E:

These are the best of the selection
I had to choose from. Most of them
would make me look like I just
stepped out of a gladiator's ring,
or like I was preparing for
some tribal celebration.

And if that isn't the case, it's the
new style like Exhibit C, with the
elongated strap. Which are cute, but
not on my gigantor feet.


I am contemplating purchasing
Exhibit E. But time will tell.

This has been an
Ode' to Summer.

How are you preparing
for the beautiful, warm weather
that is just around the corner?

-Jenn (With 2 N's)


  1. I agree! The style right now is hideous! I haven't been into the latest trends in a couple years now, everything seems to be uglier as the years go on lol. I think I like C the best, if I had only these options.

  2. E's got my vote, too! Love 'em, kiddo!