Vintage Treasures

It's no secret my boss is a hoarder.
That man keeps everything!

Lately we've been tackling some of the
cabinets in our office, cleaning them out and
getting them ready to be moved. The boss
man is wanting to rearrange our entire office.
*happy dance*
So, we're helping him out with
some much needed purging.

He's a very sentimental guy, so I think
deep down he knows if he tried to get rid
of a lot of the things that we've found,
he wouldn't be able to do it.

Yesterday another lady in the office and
myself tackled the huge cabinet sitting
beside my desk. The stuff piled inside hasn't
been touched since the lady before me
was there over three years ago.

And what do you suppose I found
in that massive cabinet?!?

Everyone in the office already knows
what a nerd I am, but I don't care!!
I was so excited when I found this
vintage Apple sticker.

Now that I'm almost completely done
finding things for my kitchen, I can
start on other rooms of my dream house!


I've long known I want to decorate my office
in retro/vintage 80's memorabilia. Ever since
I was a kid, we've had this tall metal can,
almost the size of an umbrella holder.
The outside of the can looks like the
game of Pac-Man. I used to stuff it full of
purses when I was a little girl.
It was always in my room.

My mother tried to sell it in a garage sale once,
and I threw a fit. So she let me keep it.

It will also go in the office. Actually,
it was the entire inspiration for my
retro/vintage 80's office.

I'm so excited about my lovely vintage find!
What have you discovered lately?

-Jenn (With 2 N's)

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  1. Mom gave me the vintage sewing kit-box that accompanied her mother-in-law's (my paternal grandmother's) "modern " day Singer sewing machine. The macine had been willed to her a few years ago. I decided to shadow box all the items, complete with their vintagey directions, drawings, etc. I will gift this to my vintage-loving firstborn. Can't wait to see her face on Christmas Day! Wish I could've seen your face when you found that AWEsome sticker! Is that cool, or what?!

  2. Kelley: I'm sure she will LOVE it!

    Aimee: Thanks!