I Took the Handmade Pledge!

Since I've started blogging I've developed a love for things that are handmade. I'm not talking about those cards you made for you parents when you were 10. I'm talking about things I use everyday, that someone took the time to craft themselves. Hair accessories, tote bags, scarves, etc.

That is why, I've taken the handmade pledge!

I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

When Sherry and I went to the Indie Emporium I discovered tons of things I never even thought about that were handmade. There were some many lovely things there I wanted to scoop them all up!

I've never thought about it, but there are many people in my close circle of friends who make handmade things all the time. From knitting, to sewing, to scrapbooking and paper crafting to making hair accessories.

That is why I've decided to create handmade things for my friends for Christmas. I can't tell you what they are (because they read my blog) but I will show you after I get the crafts finished! And there will be step-by-step tutorials so you too can make handmade gifts!

I've gotten TONS of ideas from my new favorite site Cut Out + Keep. They have a kajillion tutorials on all types of handmade gift ideas. Or just things you can make for yourself! I LOOOOVE this site! Go check it out.

What have you gifted that is handmade? Where are your favorite places to buy handmade gifts? Tell me all your secrets! :)

-Jenn (With 2N's)


  1. I LOVE HANDMADE!!! You know you'll be getting some too lol. YAY for taking the pledge! Have you added your name to their website yet?

  2. For gifts this year I: turned books into pocketbooks; turned placemats into purses; made wreaths with book pages; spraypainted and framed PEZ dispensers ("To infinity and beyond!"); turned gloves into snow families; wrote letters "Why you are important to me;" turned 100% linen jumpers into adorable kitchen aprons; shadow-boxed a daughter's great-grandmother's antique sewing tools; turned tiny pinecones into elves; revamped, cut, sewed, sprayed, glued and gave of my creativity and talents to those less fortunate than myself. This is the true spirit of Christ.mas.