Headbands a' la Oatmeal

I love headbands. The End. =)

Step One:
Gather your materials.
- Scrap Fabric -
- Empty oatmeal box -
- Measuring Tape -
- Fabric Scissors -
(We have two of the same type of scissors in our house, so to denote the fabric scissors, and so they won't go dull cutting paper, I tied a small piece of fabric around one of the handles. It works like a charm!)

- Fabric Glue -
(I used E-6000. I bought it for another project, but it worked really well with the fabric. It stinks to high heaven, but it does the trick. They had it in the craft section of my local Wal-Mart.)

Step Two: Measure the circumference and height of the oatmeal box, add 1 inch to each, and cut your fabric to size.

Step Three: Fold over one side and iron it down so you have a clean edge.

Step Four:

Apply two to three small lines of glue to your box. Lay the cut edge of your fabric onto the glue, and press down firmly. You may want to wait a few minutes to let the glue dry. Then, apply another line of glue and slowly roll your box until the clean, folded edge reaches the glue.

Step Five: Tuck the top of fabric into the empty box. Take time to stare at your beautiful oatmeal covered box and ponder how EASY it was to do so.

Step Six: (This is the fun step.) Fill your now beautiful box with lovely headbands. (I also stuck some of my feather hair sticks in the top.)
Apparently an oatmeal box is way smaller than the circumference of my head, so I arranged my headbands as seen in the picture. If you were making this project for a small girl, the headbands would probably be able to wrap around the box and stack up.

*Note* I did this project in about 15-20 minutes, right before my entire family showed up for Thanksgiving dinner. If I make another one, I will use a much thicker fabric, because you can see Mr. Quaker's face through the fabric. Another suggestion would be to use batting behind the fabric so the box would be thicker.
Happy Crafting!
-Jenn (With 2 N's)

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