Christmas, Christmas Time is Here

I heard my first rendition of the Chipmunks Christmas song last night. That's when you know the holiday season has definitely started. :)

I knew going into November that my blogging would get sparse but goodness! It seems I'm a busier bee than normal this holiday season. It isn't even December 1st (almost!) and already every Saturday in December has something written on the calendar! And almost all Friday's have something written on them as well.

Of course, after December 22nd it all won't matter because I will be in (wanna guess??).... Yep! You got it! NEW YORK! :)

So, I have TONS of homemade projects going on right now, and I can't blog a single thing about any of them! It makes me sad. BUT, I don't want to be giving away any surprises to certain people I know read my blog. So they will just have to wait. And of course I will post tutorials after Christmas. There's always birthdays and next Christmas! ;-)

We had family over this weekend for Thanksgiving and I attempted a hurried 10 minute project 30 minutes before everyone arrived. I was trying to save some space in my bathroom, and it worked! Just to tease you, I'll post the tutorial tomorrow.
If you have tons of headands, you'll love this!

Happy Monday bloggers!
-Jenn (With 2 N's)

P.S. New Word of the Day!

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