Fabulous Friday Finds

I am dedicating this Friday post to the most fabulous of finds in a LONG time. And I must thank my lovely friend Sherry from Oh So Lovely for introducing me to the most addicting website to come along in awhile. I know I'm behind the times in discovering this, and actually, I had heard of it awhile back but never checked it out.

Welcome to my Pinterest page! Let me just say, I'm on this site every day. Way more than I should be. It's that wonderful and addicting.

The basic idea is that you create pin boards in whatever category you want. Everyone's pin boards are different. One could be dedicated to recipes you like, or crafts you want to try, or home decorating inspiration you've found.

My pin boards are in the following categories:
-Crafts to Try
-Food Inspiration
-Art & Typography
-Around The House
-Wedding Inspiration
-Party Ideas
-Random Stuff

My Art & Typography board is one of my favorites. If I'm window shopping on Etsy and find an art print I think is delightful, I simply click a button and it's added to my pin board!

Once you sign up for Pinterest, it walks you through the process of adding your "Pin It" button to your bookmarks toolbar, or bookmarks list in your web browser. After that, you simply find lovely photos on the web, and click "Pin It" and a pop up will allow you to specify which board you would like to pin that picture too.

It's an OCD person's paradise!! =) I've always kept files on my computer of pictures I've found. Wedding dresses I love and want to save for "someday," pictures of beautiful houses for inspiration when I have my own house, photographs that I would like to emulate, etc.

Now, there's a central location where I can keep all of those files stored easily, FREE, and in an organized way. It's wonderful!!

Just like with any other social networking site, you can follow people you know, or people whose inspirations inspire you, and see what they are pinning. If you like something they've pinned, you can re-pin it to your own board.

So, if you haven't tried Pinterest, check it out and follow my boards! I would love to follow you as well!

Happy Pinning and Happy Friday!

-Jenn (With 2 N's)

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  1. Yay! You are on the ball on this and I love it! I'm not alone in this random blog world anymore! :)