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The craft table is complete! And before I could get a beautiful picture of it, I went and messed it up. I've found out I'm a messy crafter.

One of my favorite little girl's had a birthday today! So, I spent the weekend making fun hair things for her. She moved with her family at the beginning of summer, and it's been a killer without her and her sister here. I miss them something fierce, but I sent lots of love in her birthday package, so I know she will love them!

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining (Big Mama & Lil Baby)
-5 strand, hand braided headband in black and gray. Accented with 4 hand woven rosettes.

The adult sized headband was custom ordered, and I had JUST enough material leftover to make a Lil' sized headband for the birthday girl!

Purple Rain
-Purple daisy clip, accented with black tulle and purple & gold center embellishment. Attached to a black stretchy headband. (Can be worn as a clip or headband.)

I have a secret...the middle embellishment is an old clip-on earring I found at a garage sale!! I think I paid a quarter for a handful of old earrings and broaches. Score!

Double Flower Power
-Stacked flower buttons on cloth headband with frilly pink fabric accent.

I'm so happy my craft table is set up, and I can get back in the groove of using my hands to make things. It's better than therapy, people!! And I've found something out: It's hard to mindlessly snack when your hands are busy crafting. Weight loss for the win! =)

What have you been doing with your time?

-Jenn (With 2 N's)

(All items can be duplicated or customized. If you're interested in purchasing, email Jenn at jlsdesign@att.net)

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