Shopping By-Proxy

When I was younger I always thought everyone who I loved dearly and who was closest to me would always be within arms reach. I lived in this cocoon of bliss where my entire family and closest friends were a short drive away from me.

Then life said "Hey, Jenn...WRONG!"

The big sister lives approximately 1,396 miles from my current residence. It would take me an entire day to get to her...if I drove non-stop.

Bestie #1 lives approximately 30.3 miles from my current residence. It only takes me 30 minutes to get to her.

Bestie #2 lives approximately 47.5 miles from my current residence. Google says it should take me 52 minutes to get to her, but I can make it in 45. :)

The days of running to the mall with any of these girls are long gone. The big sister and I shop together maybe once or twice out of an entire year.

Bestie #1 is married, has a precious baby on the way, is a stay-at-home wife, and partner with her hubby in their photography business, as well as leading the youth group with her hubby at their church.

Bestie #2 is a new stay-at-home mommy to Sir A, a part time CNA, a pastor's wife, and sunday school teacher extraordinaire.

We try to make it a point to get with each other AT LEAST once a month. Life should never get in the way of girl time. But the days of picking up our purses and meeting at the mall are over. We've done grown up girls! :)

So, the next best thing? Shopping by-proxy...brought to you by the iPhone4! Technology, you save me. And you better believe I do this with all my friends. It's so much fun to know when you go shopping you are bringing along all your best friends to help you pick things out!

Text to Mom: "Which do u like?"
(Picking out place-mat paper for the party tonight, to match the new shiny's I bought.)

She had texted me that morning with a picture of some new shoes she was buying. She's catching on! =)
Text to Bestie #1: "Ah! Would be cute for Noah's room!"
(She's decorating in a woodland theme.)

Text to Bestie #2 "Way cool scrap paper!"
(Followed by a phone call. "Can you pick up two of each color? I'll pay you back tomorrow!")

Text to D: "One of each please?"
(His reply: "Keep walking." ... He knows me too well.)

Ready to go shopping guys? =)

-Jenn (With 2 N's)


  1. That was a very creative post! I adore my iPhone for just those simple reasons.

  2. Ha. Sooooo true. We planned the entire wedding via iPhone. No need to elaborate. You get the picture.

    (I couldn't resist.)