Pioneer's Never Had It So Good!

Saturday I spent the day in a neighboring town helping my cousin man her booth set up at the local Pioneer Day Festival. We woke up at an unnamed hour, when the sun is still smart enough to be asleep, so we could get ready for the day.
While I was running back to the store grabbing things we had forgotten, she was busy making the booth look beautiful. She had a LOT of product from their health food store to showcase, and she did a great job setting it up. As you can see, the wind had a mind of it's own, so our table skirt got some dancing in. =)
By lunchtime we were starving, so I got us an Indian Taco to share. I'm not sure if the pioneer's really had these, but we did, and it was delicious. We felt pretty silly scarfing this thing down, while trying to tell people about the health food store and various vitamins, but we were not ashamed!

One thing she (and I) knew we had to have before the day was over was some batter deep fried in a swirly pattern and covered in powdered sugar.

You know what I'm talking about...
Yeah, one of these bad boys. I don't even want to THINK about how many calories are in it, but we DID share, and we didn't even eat half of it. So, that's good right?? Right?? We also sort of hid it under our table until the coast was clear. :-P

I was "thirsty" so in the late afternoon I topped it off with a nice, refreshing drink/iced goodness.
You can't have summer without sno-cones!

All in all, (minus the junk food) we had a very good day. She was able to make tons of new contacts for the store, and I even managed to sell a few hair pretties! I'm excited to get my craft area all cleaned up (don't even ask) so I can get some things cranked out to *hopefully* open an Etsy shop. But we'll see about all that!

Have a happy Tuesday, and keep on the lookout for an AH-mazing new recipe coming this week!

-Jenn (With 2 N's)

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