Doc, I Got An Ailment!

The last week (minus the glorious lake weekend) has been a bit of a blur. I have been feverishly working toward a design deadline, (which is today) as well as trying to get ready for a fair this weekend I'll be working with my lovely cousin.

She and her mother own a natural health food store, and she needs me to help her work the booth at their local Pioneer Day. I'll also be showcasing my hair pretties, so I've been trying to balance that with the impending deadline.

A few weeks ago my dear Macbook started having troubles. Her battery light would sputter on and off, obviously from a short in the cord. I promptly took her into the Apple Doctors, and they fixed her up with a brand new cord. (Thank goodness her insurance hadn't expired yet!) A few days later, she started getting sick again. If her cord came unplugged, she would die. Black. Screen. Die.

Back to the doctor we went, and he told us her battery had gone kaplut. She's over 2 years old, and had reached the end of her lifespan. So now, she has to remain hooked up to the wall or she'll die.

While putting the final touches on the 12 page design file (due today) her cord came unplugged by mistake. I promptly plugged her back in and waited for her to wake back up. But when she came back on, her disease had infected the coveted design file...and it was no longer functioning.


No matter what I tried, that poor file would not open. It had been corrupted. Miserably, hopelessly corrupted.

So, while trying to finish up hair pretties (right) I've been feverishly working on recreating the 12 page file, complete with loads of photos and ads that had to be redone. Oh yeah, and balancing my 8-5 job.

Oh, my life. I get the craziest things sometimes.

In any case, the precious file is nearly complete. After numerous after-hours spent in front of the poor Macbook. And the hair pretties are nearly ready to be displayed.

And just to think, last week I was completely relaxed, at my makeshift desk (thanks Dad!), making hair pretties and watching movies.

I foresee another trip to the Doctor for some reconstructive surgery and a new battery for my girl. I'm sure she'll like that!

-Jenn (With 2 N's)

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