True Love Waits

My bestest bub is getting married next month. He's only 21. He's just a baby!! He's been like my little brother our whole lives. Even though he and his cohort (both my cousins) claim I tortured them when they were little, we love each other fiercely.
He's strong. She's sweet.
He's a talker. She's a listener.
He's a Cowboy. She's a Sooner.
He's a crazy bird. She puts up with him.

He's Godly. She's Godly.
He's handsome. She's gorgeous.

I just can't say enough how thrilled I am for him to have found such an amazing girl to be his wife. He's been through so much in his young life, and putting God at the head of his decisions positioned him to meet this gorgeous girl. We all love her and are blessed to have her as part of our family. And I couldn't think of a better girl to stand beside him.

Tomorrow: Preparations are underway for two showers this weekend given in his hometown. Can't wait to share some decorating ideas with you!

-Jenn (With 2 N's)

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