Showers of Love

So, I'm pretty sure I'm the worst blogger in the history of...ever. But I have good excuses. So that makes it okay, right?

This weekend was . Crazy? Yes. Busy? Yes x2+infinity. Fun? Yes. It was everything. I like busy weekends, but this one almost got me. I'm still not caught up on sleep.

As I've been teasing about, there were two showers this weekend for my Bub and his girl. The personal/bridal shower was Friday night, and the wedding shower was Saturday afternoon. The party on Friday was at 7, and I get off work at 1. But work wasn't normal. Which, I'm not sure it ever is, but we had a big project due that came to us late and well...it was chaotic all morning.

As much as I needed to stay, I had plans, and left at 1. The rest of the crew managed to get it done, but anything that did go wrong, went wrong. Before I left our color printer decided to not speak to my computer. The job wouldn't even send to the printer. I got advice from my father and shut everything down, letting the machine take a break, and turned it back on 5 minutes later. It worked! I printed the 200 pages I needed, and went to the next page. (Our project was 20 pages, each at 200 copies.) Apparently the machine still didn't like me, and it refused to print again.

At 1 it was still being stupid, so I put in an emergency call to the service department. The genius service tech was in our area and was coming to check it out. (All the while I'm running errands trying to get ready for that evening.) Eventually my boss got it to print by using his computer. Apparently mine and the printer were mad at each other. It just wanted to add to the chaos of the weekend, I suppose.

Eventually, 7 came around, and after much preparation and decorating, the shower turned out perfectly. We got tons of compliments on the decorations and food set-up. The sad part, I was so busy I only snapped a couple shots on my phone...and none of the food, which was the pretty part!

After perusing Pinterest for half of my life (it seems) I gathered what ideas I had found and combined them. I loved this idea of hanging balloons instead of using helium, and this idea of making tissue paper pom-pons. I hadn't taken into account the ceiling fan in the living room, but it was easy to work around. If I had an extra hour, I would've hung twice the amount of ballons, but I like the way it turned out.

Since I don't have pictures of the food, I will just refer you to the recipes. And let me tell you, they were yumolah!

I was in charge of making tortilla roll-ups, which are pretty much the easiest things ever to make. You could mix up almost anything and they would be good. This is the only picture I thought to snap, while I was making them. These pictured are the Creamy Ham Roll-Ups, with slight variations from the original recipe. (Like, I used WAY more than 6 slices of ham.) I also made Southwest Chicken Roll-Ups. The original recipe calls them "spicy," because it has cayenne, but I'm a wuss and left it out. I also didn't think to pick up cilantro on my grocery trip, so mine is slightly different. Both recipes made much more than I needed, so in place of extra cream cheese I added about 2 or 3 huge spoonfuls of sour cream and only used an 8oz. block of the cream cheese. It helped to thin out the mixtures a tad, and made them go a little bit further. I also used half a can of Rotel in each mixture. I really liked the flavor it added, and they both turned out delicious.

My aunt made these AMAZING Baby BLT's, which were a major pain in the behind, but were ridiculously delicious. It took forever to core the tiny tomatoes, but they were cute and wonderful. I'm thinking about making the spread for a sandwich, with sliced tomatoes. *swoon* She also made some yummy Pepperoni Pizza Puffs, in a mini muffin tin so they'd be dainty and easy to handle. They were a bit on the lukewarm side by the time we ate, but were still good dipped in marinara sauce.

We also had a veggie bar (fashioned after this idea) and a cracker and cheese tray.

For dessert I had my amazing baker friend fix up 2 dozen cupcakes, which were wonderful as his stuff always is, and my aunt made these adorable Kiss Pies. Just be warned, they're so little you can easily pop 47 of them in your mouth before you realize they're all gone.

The bride to be and her mother had asked me awhile back about making purple punch for the wedding. Earlier in the year I made some delicious blue punch for my bestie's baby shower, and I figured I could easily make it purple by changing the kool-aid mixture.

The original recipe was one packet of blue-raspberry Kool-Aid, mixed with one bottle of Sprite and one can of frozen pina-colada juice concentrate. It was seriously the best punch I've ever had.

So, I just swapped out the blue-raspberry for grape, and voila! Purple Punch. My taste buds must've been off, because I hated it. I thought it was nasty. But all the girls seemed to like it. I needed to make some Saturday for the wedding shower, so I swapped out the pina colada for limeade juice concentrate. It gave it a tangier taste and I liked it MUCH better, but others told me they liked the pina colada version. So, it just depends on your taste buds I guess!

All in all, both showers turned out wonderfully. Friday it was nice getting just the girls together for a night of fun, and Saturday we invited Bub along, and all the guys, and had a good time of talking and chatting, and eating more cake. I've had enough cake to fill me until the wedding, for sure!

I wish I could say that the month is going to slow down, but it's just fixing to gain speed. I have a HUGE freelance project I'm starting this evening, along with 2 other wonderful designers, that needs to be done by January. It's only an entire design of a 200 page history book. I'm sort of cringing inside thinking of all the work I'll be doing in the coming months, but I'm also really excited about it. It's the history of the United Pentecostal Church in Oklahoma, and I'm really honored to be able to work on such an important project.

Oh yeah, and my big sister is coming home!!!! We're really happy someone is getting married because it means sister comes home for a few days! =)

As my father would say, "I said ALL that to say this," October is going to be thus named "The Month of Insanity." I'm sure my blog posts will be few, but hopefully not far between. Just stick with me and I promise things will be interesting!

Happy Monday!

-Jenn (With 2 N's)

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