You're My Cuppy, Cuppy, Cupcake: Take 2

Remember my indecisiveness from a few months ago? Yep...I've never decided! Partially because the holidays got busy and I forgot, but also because that crazy site has so much cute STUFF!

I simply can not decide.

To top it all off... look at this.
Right? Right? HOW on EARTH am I supposed to choose ONE single, solitary case when they are all so darn cute! But wait...there's more.

In my most recent update on my phone, this adorable wallpaper was released.
*Instant Swoon*

I adore it. I love it. I.....yeah I really like it. It's my absolute favorite. Of all of them. It combines every element of the things I love. The colors, the muted, gray background, the lovely flower pattern.

Now the waiting...for them to bring it out as a phone case. Oh, Cuptakes, pretty please hurry and make this a case...I will buy it in a heartbeat!!

If you love these cases as much as I do, check back later in the week....there just might be a surprise waiting for you!!

-Jenn (With 2 N's)

1 comment:

  1. Hi there! This is Lauren from Cuptakes ;) Just found this blog posts from Pinterest and wanted to let you know this case has been available! You may have already ordered, but just in case here's the link for you! http://store.cuptakes.com/products/pop-garden

    Thanks so much and I'm so happy you love Cuptakes as much as we do ;)