Goal For March

I hate to say it, but the craftiness bug hasn't bitten in awhile. A few weeks ago I got my craft table all nice and clean, laid out things for a new craft project, and now when I look at my craft table there is more junk piled on it and I have no desire to sit down and craft. It's sad.

I have, however, been wanting to try something new. I'm thinking it's just the thing to get the crafty juices flowing again.
A few months ago I came across this tutorial from Leigh Ann over at Freckled Nest on stitching your own handwriting. She's a lovely blogger who I follow daily, and I was thrilled when I saw this.

Years ago my mother was a master cross-stitcher. She tried to pass that knowledge on to my sister and I, and while I thought it was fun, I always lost interest halfway through a project. A few weeks ago while cleaning out some old junk drawers, I came across a half finished project I had started for my BFF from high school. My mom had helped me plan out a pattern using graph paper taped together. I texted a picture of my find to my friend to show her the present she almost got. ;-)

That unfinished project reminded me of all these hand embroidering projects I've seen lately on Pinterest.

Mollie at Wild Olive has some precious embroidery patterns. This one just makes me smile all over.

This adorable Etsy find makes me want to create my own pattern of a "self-portrait." It's very similar to the unfinished project I found in my junk drawer.

In junior high and high school, my BFF and I came up with our own special logo, before we even knew what logo's were. :) It was two little stick girls, each with flowing curly hair, their hands joined in the middle by a heart. Underneath them we would always write "Together Forever."

I loved those little girls so much!

This blog from The Humble Nest has lots of tips and embroidery tutorials for beginners.

I just love all these hand-stitched, embroidered things to death. I got a little burnt out on all the hair-bows and headbands, so I'm thinking getting my hands on some embroidery floss, a large needle and a simple pattern will be the trick to getting over this craft hump.

Have you recently had a bout of the craft blues? How did you manage to get over them?

-Jenn (With 2 N's)

Coming Soon: A hearty recipe to cure the cold weather blues.


  1. Did you see that Mollie has an embroidery hoop swap? I signed up this morning. You should too!

  2. i enjoy reading your blog :) i've been interested in trying embroidery and this post is so lovely with its ideas! thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. Sherry, I DID see that. I can't wait to get a project started!
    Amanda, thank you! I'm glad you enjoy!

  4. Hey Jenn! I seem to have an incomplete email address for you. Could you send an email to mollie.wildolive at gmail dot com so that I can get your swap information sent to you? Thanks!