Stitch Swap

So, now that we only have two weeks left in March and I haven't even STARTED on this project, I figured I'd tell you about my latest venture!

I blogged last month about wanting to start hand stitching. I've sort of lost my craft mojo and I'm really wanting to get it back. As busy as I am, I still have extra time. I could easily sit down for 20-30 minutes on a given day and relax with something like embroidery. Granted, I probably won't be relaxing on this first project but ya know...

Mollie from Wild Olive is hosting a fun stitch swap this month and I signed up! Instead of pairing people up, she just started at the beginning of the list and assigned each person a name. So I might send to PersonA, PersonA will send something to PersonQ, PersonQ sends to PersonB and PersonB sends something to me. You only know whose name you have. It's a secret who has your own name until you receive your package! When we signed up, Mollie asked what some of our favorite things were, so the person who gets our name could make us something we would truly love. The only real guidelines are that is has to be a finished, ready to hang piece of embroidery.

The person I got gave me a few guidelines to go off of, and I'm excited to get this project started, because I need to get it in the mail before the end of the month!!

Here are just a few ideas I've seen that I may play off of. I'm heading to the store this afternoon to pick up my supplies. We'll see how this stitching thing goes!



As you can see, my partner said she loves "tea." I love tea too! So, this should be fun. I'm thinking about incorporating some of these cute ideas and using the tea bag to stand out. Maybe use a piece of colored felt to make the project 3D like?

We'll see... I'm excited to get going and see how well I do. I really want to start more embroidery and stitching so hopefully I have the patience for this.

Happy Friday!

-Jenn (With 2 N's)