Thursday is SO the new Friday.

In celebration of Thursday's being my new Friday's, I give you...

Thursday's Things to Look At:
White Whimsy

Once I get started on something, it usually spirals out of control. Like when I found this awesome picture, then I couldn't stop searching for inspiration.

If you know me, you know I love to collect the fortunes out of my cookies at any Chinese restaurant. So when I saw this set-up I fell in love. What better way to display all your fortunes!! (I love the buttons as well.)

I love the idea of candy buffets. I will most likely have one at my wedding (someday). We were going to do this at my graduation party last May, but we ended up with a cupcake bar, which was just as cool.

(What would any inspiration collection be without a little country music?)


So, the picture is more black, but I just love it. I've made a tutu before and they are just so fun! Maybe when I find my camera cord (har har) I will upload pictures of the pink tutu I made.

I will GLADLY let someone buy these for me. No, really...I won't mind. I promise. =)


Happy Frursday! =)

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