For Shame.

Alas, I haven't blogged in many moons.
It's true.

And for this I am truly sorry.To whomever there is to be sorry to. :)

But, I'm back! And (I promise) I'll start blogging
on a regular basis. *fingers crossed*

While I was away, many fun things happened.

I got a new perm! *w00t*

I went to Houston! *love*

I got to see my SISTER! *YAY*

I wore my lovely summer shoes
for the last time. *sniffle*

I made my very first,
homemade, lasagna! *yum*

So, yes, I'm back. And I will diligently try to
blog on a regular basis. Because there are some pretty
sweet things coming up in my life. And I would
love to share them with you!

Toodles bloggers!

-Jenn (With 2 N's)

P.S. NEW Word of the day!


  1. Welcome back... and here I am on a bit of a bloggy break due to the laptop being BACK in the computer hospital again (fourth time!). Next post is prepared to post Veterans Day, and I sure hope my computer's returned to me safe and sound before then!

    Missed ya!