Friday's Fone Pics

I love pictures. I love taking pictures.
I also love my iPhone.
And I love the cool photography apps I have.
(See a trend here?)
I'm starting something new! Yay!
May I introduce to you....
Friday's Fone Pics!
On Friday's, I will post random pictures I've taken
throughout the week on my trusty iPhone, and
I'll let you know what app I used to get the cool effect.
This is Katie. Our neighbor's one legged dog.
She's very sweet and loving, albeit skidderish.
(Taken with Instagram. Earlybird filter.)

Fixin' cars with my Daddy-O. I love that guy.
(Taken with Instagram. Lord Kelvin filter.)

What's for dinner? Mushroom soup!
(Taken with Instagram. X-Pro II filter.)
I hope everyone has a fabulously frollicky Friday! =)
-Jenn (With 2 N's)
*Random Thought of the Day*
I really dislike the small amount of colors I have
to choose from when picking colors for fonts.
There is no pink. This makes me sad.

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