Friday's Fone Pics

Happy Friday Peeps! :)
Here is the second installation of
Friday's Fone Pics...

(Instagram, Lomo-Fi filter)
This would be my O.C.D. hard at work.

(Instagram, X-Pro II filter)
Grillin' dinner with my Daddy-O. In case you are wondering, it was de-lishous.

(Instagram, Nashville filter)
Little Misses being a goober. She took her headband off her head because she said " It's chokin' me." :) So I stuck it on her forehead and told her to say 'Peace Man.' She sticks up her two fingers and says "Peeeash maaaahn." *gah* I love that Little Misses.

(Camerabag, Helga filter)
Sportin' my handmade "fleur" made by the ever so talented Sherry @ Bless This Nest. She rocks my socks with her wicked creativity.

(Instagram, Nashville filter)
Ooooooh....what could it be??!! Tune in next week to see what I made! (I promise you'll love it.)

Peeeeash out maaaahn. =)

-Jenn (With 2 N's)

*Random Thought of the Day*
I love the smell of baby butt. (No joke.) So when I ran out of lotion, and saw the little 97¢ tubes at Wal-Mart, I picked up some Johnson's Baby Lotion. Then I discovered it...I'm ALLERGIC to baby butt!!! Okay maybe not the actual baby's behind, but I am allergic to the smell good stuff you rub on their little tushies. I've been sneezing my head off for the past hour. And this makes me sad. *sigh*

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