Wishlist Wednesday

I wish I had the *umph* to be all
fancy and creative when it comes to
decorating for the holidays.

However, these absolutely adorable ideas
have me thinking about Thanksgiving and
all the wonderful, creative things I could do.

I absolutely LOVE this idea for a centerpiece.
Black and white is such an elegant color
combination. Check out Sherry's easy tutorial on
how to make white pumpkins over at Bless This Nest.

How easy would these place cards be?!
I LOVE them! And I'm all about repurposing
and being inexpensive. How much more
inexpensive can leaves be? :)

I just love these adorable party favors Kelley
created over at Kelley Highway. They are oh, so
easy and I know my family would love them!

I told you I love black and white. :) And I am in
LOVE LOVE LOVE with this arrangement. Not
only do I love the black and white, I love the
fact that the wall arrangement can go with
ANYTHING! Any season's color scheme would go
wonderfully with these plates. *I WANT THEM*

What are your decorating plans for the holidays?

-Jenn (With 2 N's)

P.S. I've made an executive decision to only post
*one* Word of the Day each week. So I guess it should
be changed to Word of the Week. (Good idea.)
Check back next week for the next new word!


  1. Hey, sweetiepie! You're back to blogging, eh? I enjoyed your previous "bestie" post, too. Y'all sure had fun... And I loved your costume...

    Thanks for 'featuring' me here. Looks like Jenn and Tonic will be making it to my Hall of Fame ("Kelley Highway was featured on...). Where else would I put stars like you?! Hello!

  2. I love the first one, I just might have to copy it!!!