Scrap Happy Weekend!

Okay so I know it's already Wednesday, but I've been ridiculously busy since the weekend. And it was a wonderful weekend! I got to go with my bestest girlfriend Kat to a scrapbook retreat and we had entirely TOO much fun! I got 5 page layouts done in my on-going 2010 Monthly Scrapbook! (5 is a good number for me.)

We went to a retreat in September, and I started a 12x12 scrapbook to chronicle my adventures throughout 2010. I got January and February done at that retreat, so I worked on March and June this last weekend. Yes, I know it's already November. I'm a slow and meticulous scrapper. :)

I wish I could tell you the exact papers I used, but alas, I wasn't thinking about that when I made them.

I went with two precious friends to Dallas for a weekend of girl time. It was a fun weekend of shopping and food. :)

My co-workers and I (and our wonderful boss) went to the Oklahoma Press Association's annual Better Newspaper Contest Winter Convention. Months earlier, newspapers who are a part of the OPA submit papers to be judged in different categories. It's a big deal, and my boss is always HIGHLY stressed the week our submissions are due. It's a long and lengthy process, but he's the perfect guy for the job. :)

The past two years we have had the privilege of placing 1st in our Division in multiple categories, one of which is Advertising - which I am most proud of!

The convention is a fun time of workshops and being with people all over the state in the newspaper business. And we get to dress up and act civilized which is fun. ;-)

My sister from another mister (Kelley) was here in March, and we got to spend time with our Grammy. Grammy is a wonderful lady who has been in both of our lives for many years. There is no blood relation, but we love her just like she's our own Grandmother. And she treats us like her grandkids. :)

We had a fabulous day at a wonderful tea room, "Inspirations". It was so much fun! The food was scrumptious and the company was delightful. On the way to the tea room we passed a very famous Route 66 fixture, Pops. If you don't know, Pops is in Arcadia, Oklahoma, and it's a gas station/restaurant/tourist attraction. They have ANY kind of pop you can imagine. It's awesome. The picture at the top of the layout is a wall of pop bottles that spans one entire side of the gas station. The pink card has a rendering of the GIANT pop bottle that stands out in front of Pops.

(Yes, I realize I skipped April and May. I haven't figured out what I'm going to scrap for those months.)

We got to go see Kelley Belly in June! My Mom had business to do in St. Louis, and Kelley lives very close to St. Louis, so we went up to spend time with her. And we had a blasty-blast! We ventured across the Illinois state line to a lovely little town called Alton. They were having a monthly flea market in an old building that was once used to build boats. We had to walk down a big boat ramp to get into the building. We had a wonderful time, and ate at a quaint restaurant called the Mississippi Half Step. It was DELISH!

So, that chronicles my adventures so far, and my scrapping. :) When I get more pages done I'll be sure and post them. It'll probably be this time next year before I ever finish it. :-P

Happy Scrapping and Happy Blogging!

-Jenn (With 2 N's)