Day 27, 28, 29: 30 Day Photo Challenge

As my mother would say, I went gallivanting all over the countryside this weekend, spending time with friends. I did quite a bit of driving, and right before I left Friday afternoon my Dad (who knows how much I adore his brand new truck) threw me the keys!

*happy dance*

So me and the big beauty spent the weekend together. I even got her to sync with my iPhone, so I could listen to my music while driving! This photo was taken of her dashboard, as I was stopped at the brand new 4-way stop at the bottom of our hill, headed home!

I could have taken tons of routine pictures, but what else is there but Facebook? I check that thing all the time, and yesterday while I was home sick I spent a little extra time on there, in between the naps I was taking. =)

God bless the Halls and Puffs companies for my cherry flavored throat and my not too chapped red nose. Let's hope the drugs start kicking in soon!

-Jenn (With 2 N's and a head full of cotton)

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