Handmade Mother's Day

A year ago I moved out from my parents' house and moved in with my Grama. My Grampa had been put in a nursing home, and passed away soon after. Gram had never lived by herself, and I was ready to move back to my hometown, so it worked out for both of us.

I've enjoyed being somewhat on my own and having my own space, but one of the biggest things I miss about Mom and Dad's is space. I had a fairly good sized bedroom. Big enough, in fact, for a craft table.

Since I moved, I've barely done any crafting or scrapbooking because I simply don't have any room. All my craft supplies are stored in the garage, and it's a big hassle to haul all that stuff in for a few hours and then have to pack it all back up. It's a pain.

However, I really wanted to make my own Mother's Day cards this year, so I spread everything on my bed and got to work! I ended up making two cards, but mysteriously only got a picture of one of them. Go figure. I guess that's what happens when you're crafting at the last minute the night before Mother's Day!

I bought this adorable bicycle paper a few years ago at Michael's and have been saving it for something special. This seemed like the perfect time! I cut it down to the size I wanted, and added my embellishments. I created the tag by cutting a piece of cream and orange paper. I used to go all out and measure and cut everything precisely. Lately, I just cut it and hope it looks good. I was pleased with how it turned out.

I had some Thickers letters that worked perfectly. I love the look of Thickers, but as most people I've talked to know, they are terrible at sticking. I ran them through my Xyron before attaching them to make sure they wouldn't go anywhere. As much as I like things to be uniform when paper crafting, I also like to make things a little quirky, so I turned the "o" sideways to add some character.

The string was leftover from a Thank You tag I received once at a scrapbook retreat. There really is a purpose for saving all the little scraps of things! I used clear glue dots to secure the string to the paper and loop it through the letters.

I layered cream and orange paper inside, and wrote my Mom a special note. I'm pretty sure she liked it.

Getting all my supplies out really made me want to craft more with paper. There are some birthday's coming up so we'll see what I come up with!

-Jenn (With 2 N's)

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